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Writer's Block: Bad trip.

What was your worst travel experience ever, and why?

Got 2 bad ones. First one was going to Basic Training. We are coming from Portland, OR and have to make a stop in Chicago to go to Louisville, Kentucky. We get into Chicago 20 minutes early and we have enough time to get to our connecting flight. When we actually go look at the board, the flight's been delayed a few hours due to thunderstorms. We call the travel company and tell them we may not make it out for a few hours and they tell us to go eat and don't get into trouble. We do that and then go to the gate and find out the flight's been delayed further. We all agree to meet up for the flight and run off to our own devices. I head to the Fox Sports Bar and it's just packed. I want just a soda and piece of cheesecake to help me relax. The place is just not moving for service. Some kind people help me out and get the waiter to get my food, but I was already soured to the experience. I go back to the gate and load up on the plane. I am sitting there for a couple hours, hoping to make my flight over to Louisville, but it ends up getting canceled. We try to get a hotel to stay at for the night, but they were all booked since the military likes hoping we will make it to our destination. I end up passing out for an hour in a terminal and being awaken by one of guys. We were moved to an area with cots and a lot of lights. I don't sleep with a lot of light so I stayed up the rest of the night and hope on 2 flights to Louisville, one stop being in West Virginia or somewhere. I don't remember since I was dead tired. We make it to Louisville, nonetheless but still, a lot of this could have been avoided.

The second trip was on my way to Fort Sill, OK for training. I make it to Oklahoma City, no problem, but the bus driver was late to pick us up and ends up taking us all the way to Lawton, a side town of Ft. Sill, but not where we were supposed to be. We end up being stuck there for hours until I call up the military people and explain the situation to them. They send someone to pick us up and we get to the base, but then we only had a couple hours til we had to wake up and get ready for processing into Ft. Sill.
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